7 Days Go Vegan Sheet Face Mask 25g

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Please note all are dated Best Before 30/06/2023.

1. Monday NOURISHING face mask for loving yourself!

2. Tuesday EXTRA MOISTURIZING face mask for a fabulous morning!

3. Wednesday TONING face mask for real bunnies!

4. Thursday REPULPING face mask for feeling fresh!

5. Friday RADIENCE boosting face mask for feeling juicy!

6. Saturday ANTISTRESS face mask for real gangsta girls!

7. Sunday REJUVENATING face mask for feeling Zen!

Monday & Tuesday

№1 WHITE DAY Yummy face mask

Organic Oat Oil famous for its antioxidant properties and rich in essential fatty acids will deeply nourish and restore your skin. Almond oil, Coconut extract and Avocado oil will recharge your energy and even skin tone.

№2 YELLOW DAY Smoothie face mask

Pear extract will provide extra moisture to the skin, restore its elasticity, and prevent skin dryness. Almond oil and Banana extract will intensively soothe and calm your skin in times of need leaving it super fresh and radiant!

Wednesday & Thursday

№3 GREEN DAY Salad face mask

Broccoli, Rosemary and Cucumber extracts will wake your skin up with a splash of vitamins and micronutrients. Vitamin E will lock moisture into the skin and protect it from environmental damage.

№4 VIOLET DAY Fresh face mask

Enriched with Wild Blueberry, Plum and Fig extracts this mask will help skin to relax and de-stress after a long day. Hyaluronic Acid will restore moisture balance in fatigued skin leaving a pleasantly fresh feeling.

Friday & Saturday

№5 PINK DAY Frutty face mask

Papaya juice and Lychee extract will tone and refresh your skin while Pomegranate and Mangosteen extracts will fight visible skin imperfections. It’s perfect for pre-makeup and for those who remember that the show must go on even after a 5-day long workweek.

№6 RED DAY Tomato face mask

Tomato and Beetroot extracts will purify and restore collagen into the skin successfully hiding last night’s "crimes" and skin imperfections. Laminaria and Ginger extract will give you a healthy shot of micronutrients, minerals and vitamins.


№7 BLUE DAY Relax face mask

Matcha Extract will protect against free radicals, reduce inflammation and add a healthy glow to the skin, while Blueberry, Agave and Lotus extracts will take charge of soothing the skin, making it silky soft and supple.