Awesome Supplements Electrolytes 250g

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In the world of fitness and sport it seems people do 1 of 3 things during exercise; drink water, drink electrolytes (maybe with carbs), or drink a BCAA drink. Research indicates that BCAA drinks serve no benefit if consuming enough protein in your diet and plain water is inferior to an electrolyte-based drink at enhancing hydration and improving physical performance, especially if the drink is sweet. It’s time for an electrolyte powder to enter your training arsenal and enhance your hydration and performance all while refreshing your taste buds while you sweat it out.


During exercise there is an increased need for water to ensure we stay hydrated, but ideally the water we consume should contain certain minerals known as electrolytes. These minerals maintain optimal cellular hydration and muscular contraction, thus increasing our performance potential and keeping cramps at bay. Added to that sweet drinks, even if they are low in calories or calorie free, also enhance performance by tricking the body into thinking sugar is being consumed, this causes the body to mobilise more fuel as more is thought to be coming into the body. In performance research this is known as ‘the mouth swilling’ effect.

Awesome Electrolytes is a low sugar, low calorie performance drink. So, if you do exercise for prolonged periods of time it is recommended to consume sugar or carbohydrates so you can prolong exercise. Thus, we recommend Awesome Electrolytes for when training 0-60 minutes, and Awesome Electrolytes & Carbs, our other hydration and performance product, for when training for over 60 minutes.