Awesome Supplements Vegan Protein Bar 12 x 60g

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An indulgent, high protein, plant-based protein bar that you’ll look forward to eating. Gone are the days of hard, dry vegan protein bars where you sigh at the amount of calories for just 3 bites of the bar while needing water just to swallow it down. The Awesome Protein Bar is here after two and half years of research and development to create the perfect, most awesome protein bar possible. It really is Awesome by name, Awesome by nature.

Our bar is a 4-texture protein bar that starts with a deep and soft chewy nougat middle, covered with a sweet and natural caramel, surrounded by a rich and indulgent chocolate coating, and laced with crunchy crispies. New to our range this 2020 after years of hard work and countless blind taste tests, they arrive for your taste buds pleasure in two Awesome flavours, Caramel Crunch Brownie and Raspberry Ripple Blondie.

Do the numbers back up the bold taste claims?

Of course.

The Awesome brownie bar hits 18.7g of protein, 10.6g of fibre and 259kcal in a 60g bar. The Awesome blondie bar hits 20.5g of protein, 10.8g of fibre and 252kcal in a 60g bar. We also use natural sweetener, natural ingredients, and fibre.