Awesome Supplements Vegan Protein Powder 1.2kg

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Let’s be honest, most vegan protein powders are grainy, tasteless, and generally a bit of a let down, not Awesome Vegan Protein which won the 2019 ‘best protein’ award in the Functional Sports Nutrition awards. Rich in flavour, smooth in texture, we’re changing the standard for vegan protein powders.


Protein and amino acids are super important in all our diets and plant-focused eaters often suffer from a lack of choice. This is primarily due to the available protein sources when following a plant-based diet compared to an omnivorous diet. Boosting your protein intake with a supplemental protein powder can be of enormous benefit for a vegan, vegetarian, or someone eating a restricted diet, especially if exercising. We often recommend consuming between 1.5-2g of protein per KG of body weight, and if someone isn’t hitting this a protein powder can be a great way to help achieve this.

With a methodically developed ratio of rice protein, pea protein and cocoa we have achieved a smooth texture and a complete amino acid profile, and the best bit? Its only 70p per serving. It’s time to end underwhelming vegan protein powders, with Awesome Supplements Vegan Protein in a range of exciting and tasty flavours.