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How do you choose a good whey protein powder? We believe it all comes down to the quality of the dairy used, the filtration process when making it, the taste, and overall versatility of the finished product. But we’d like to start by saying with 100% honesty what whey protein is, because we feel many companies over hype its purpose.

Whey protein is not essential to the diet; it’s not even necessary for people that exercise. Supplement companies will tell you whey protein is vital post-workout, or before a workout, or at any time of the day. Not true. We see whey protein as a great way of adding protein into your diet in a convenient, flexible and cost-effective way. After all, you can get protein from many food sources, such as chicken, eggs, tofu, beans, beef and fish, to name a few. So yes you can use it pre-workout, or post-workout, or as part of a meal, recipe or smoothie, but it’s not essential, it’s just a super handy and cost effective form of protein.


So, if whey protein is not essential, why would you buy it? Whey protein is that filler. It is for those moments when you are short on time and need a quick breakfast smoothie, or don’t have time to eat after the gym and you want to grab a shake with a banana to tie you over. Or, you’re looking to add protein to cooking like pancakes or porridge to boost your protein intake. Perhaps you like to use it as a snack when you’re on the move and don’t have to think about food. Whey protein is also very cost-effective as a protein source, at only 95p per serving here at Awesome. It’s also why we use whey concentrate over whey isolate, it’s got a more enjoyable and creamy texture and is just as effective at delivering protein to your muscles, despite what companies claim. And it’s cheaper as a raw ingredient, win win.

Having a daily protein intake of 1.5-2g per kg of body weight especially when active is beneficial for satiety, recovery, body composition, health and weight loss. This is why many active people or individuals on a diet often use supplemental protein to boost their protein intake cost-effectively and conveniently.