BACX Performance Fuel 10x70ml Orange

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BACX Performance fuel is a multisource plant powered energy drink for use before and during exercise. Simply mix with water to supercharge your fitness routines. Each pouch contains 20g natural complex carbs, 1200mg Vegan Amino Acids, and 680mg electrolytes. Everything needed for long energy and sustained muscle power, without gel-related sickness and stomach upset. BACX is also unique in that it provides personalised fuelling recommendations. Simply scan the on-pack QR code to know how to fuel right! BACX doesn't use any artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or maltodextrin and is free of the 14 major allergens. BACX pouches are among the first to be fully recyclable, and their cartons are made using wood from sustainably managed forests. Even the printed ink is made from vegetables!