BioTech USA Milk Thistle 60 Caps

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Why do we recommend BioTechUSA Milk Thistle?
Natural plant extract
210 mg silymarin content per capsule
Economic packaging size for two months
Milk Thistle (Sylibum marianum) related to the group of thistles and to the daisy and ragweed family. It is native to the Mediterranean countries, to North-Africa and to Near East. It has many common names such as Mary thistle or holy thistle. Its growth is the achenium and its active substance silymarin is extracted from this. Milk Thistle’s active substance has been used as an herbal remedy for a long time. Dietary supplements with milk thistle are popular among elderly, athletes and everybody leading a healthy lifestyle.
Thanks to its capsule form, BioTechUSA Milk Thistle is easy to take with you during your day. Its package contains 60 servings so its 2 months cure-like application can be easily accomplished.
BioTechUSA Milk Thistle is recommended
For men and women
If you are looking for a supplementary product for your TST complex product