BioTechUSA Arthro Guard Drink Powder 340g

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Why do we recommend Arthro Guard drink formula?
9 active ingredients
6000 mg hydrolyzed collagen
1500 mg glucosamine sulphate
2000 mg MSM
420 mg eggshell membrane powder
3 types of plant extracts
Flavoured powder formula
Lactose- and gluten-free

Don't be stiff!

Human body operates as a well-detailed machine. To move easily, many different components need to work together properly. However, our fast lifestyle, when we are always on the run, and intensive trainings put this sensitive and complicated machinery to the proof. This may lead to the loss of joy of physical activity in our everyday lives. How could we stay active and support our locomotor system at the same time?

The BioTechUSA Arthro Guard family

To preserve the normal conditions of our bones, cartilages, joints and muscles we need to intake proper nutrients. However, our hectic daily schedules make it hard to pay attention to a well-balanced diet.

During the creation of our Arthro Guard portfolio we concentrated on substances nurturing those types of tissues forming the bones and connective tissues. Choose the one from the portfolio suits you the best!

When do we recommend Arthro Guard Drink Powder?

If you are looking for an easy-to-use powder formula and the glucosamine sulphate content is significant for you as well, while Arthro Guard Drink Powder has the highest dose of this substance comparing to other Arthro Guard products. Furthermore, it contains also MSM and chondroitin, plus calcium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones. Vitamin C is also an essential component of Arthro Guard Powder Drink which contributes to the body's normal collagen synthesis and normal conditions of bones and cartilages.

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Tip! Regular physical activities and stretching are important to preserve the health of our locomotor system. With just a couple of minutes of stretching on a daily basis you can do a lot for your joints!

What does Arthro Guard Powder Drink contain? Have a look at the numbers!

In 1 serving (17 g):
6000 mg hydrolyzed collagen
1500 mg glucosamine sulphate
1200 mg chondroitin sulphate
2000 mg MSM
420 mg eggshell membrane powder
500 mg calcium
80 mg vitamin C
500 mg collagen
200 mg curcuma root extract
190 mg curcuminoid
245 mg Indian frankincense (Boswellia serrata) resin extract
159 mg boswellic acid
500 mg grapple plant root extract
20 mg harpagoside

We recommend Arthro Guard Drink Powder
to men and women with an active life
to complete a varied diet
for those who rather consume flavoured drink powders than capsules

Like all BioTech USA products, Arthro Guard Drink Powder consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.


Recommended use: Mix one serving of powder (17g = 3 heaped scoops = 2 heaped teaspoons) with 350ml water in a shaker bottle. Take one serving per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.

Warmings: Not recommended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep away from children. Not recommended for people with medical conditions and/or taking medications. Use this product as part of varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, not as a substitute for such.  Store product tightly closed in a cool, dry place. After opening do not remove the silica bag.