BioTechUSA Diet Stack for Her 20 Days Supply

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Be fit. Be proud.

The package contains:
BioTechUSA For Her Ultra Loss 20x30g
Meal replacement shake containing 50% protein, vitamins and fibres, with no sugar and lactose.
BioTechUSA For Her Mega Fat Burner
Caffeine-free weight control formula recommended before meals.
BioTechUSA For Her Fiber Complex
Water-soluble chewable pre-meal tablet containing fibres, inulin and chromium.
BioTechUSA For Her Nano Wave + Shaker 300+150ml
Gift to help you prepare the servings.

BioTechUSA For Her Diet Stack

We all know that every beginning is hard, especially when it comes to body shaping, since the key to success lies in changing your lifestyle. BioTechUSA For Her Diet Stack is a 20-day starter package designed to help you through the perhaps most difficult, early stage of your diet. The package contains three products from the BioTechUSA For Her line, developed specifically for women, as well as a 300+150 ml free shaker (Nano Wave) to help you prepare your drinks.

Be fit. Be proud.

Recommended use

30 minutes before breakfast
- Mega Fat Burner (1 capsule)
- Fiber Complex (2 tablets)

Morning snack

30 minutes before lunch
- Mega Fat Burner (1 capsule)
- Fiber Complex (2 tablets)

30 minutes before afternoon snack
- Mega Fat Burner (1 capsule)
- Fiber Complex (2 tablets)

- Ultra Loss (one serving)

Made in a plant that manufactures milk, egg, gluten, soy, crustaceans, sulphur dioxide and nuts containing foods.