BioTechUSA Hydro Whey Zero 1816g

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Extremely high protein content: 80%
Creamy consistence

HYDRO WHEY ZERO: The fastest...

Hydro Whey Zero is a combined whey protein drink powder with a protein content of 80%. The composition of the protein also contains, besides hydrolysed whey protein and whey isolate sources, added L-glutamine and L-arginine amino acids. The decomposition of hydrolysed whey protein - due to hydrolysis (a pre-digestion process) - is easier and quicker for our body. The glutamine and arginine amino acids added to the whey protein complex are nutrients produced by our body, still, they belong to the category of conditionally essential amino acids. It means that in certain circumstances, such as an exhausting workout session, they need to be supplemented.

1 Per serving (22 g):
18 g protein
3.7 g BCAA
with added L-glutamine and L-arginine amino acids

Who is Hydro Whey Zero recommended to?

those seeking a source of fast-absorbing milk-based proteins
those who want to support their recovery with protein powder after workout, as, due to its protein content, it contributes to maintaining muscle mass and healthy bones, as well as to muscle mass growth
those sensitive to gluten


Hydrolysed whey protein (WPH) is a pre-digested and partially hydrolysed protein powder. During hydrolysis, special enzymes are used to break down protein chains to peptides, which results in a faster digestion and absorption of the given formula.


Protein is an essential building block of our body, a source of nutrients made up from amino acids produced by our body and supplemented from external sources. It contributes to maintaining muscles during workout, a diet and your everyday life. You need more protein if you regularly exercise, if you want to increase your muscle mass and as you get older.

Like all BioTech USA products, Hydro Whey Zero consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.

Recommended use: Mix 1 serving (25 g = 2 heaped tablespoons) Hydro Whey Zero with RECOMMENDED USE: 250 ml water or skimmed milk. On training days take
minimum of two servings daly. with one servina within 45 minutes after training and the other serving between meals. [for best results. use a blender or a shaker bottle.
Do not exceed the recommended dosage