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It is prepared only with natural ingredients
High in fiber
Protein source
Available in crunchy and smooth versions
Without added sugar
Palm oil-free
Free from preservatives
It contains naturally occurring sugars!

It is a really natural source of protein

Have you ever thought of trying the favourite meal of Americans, the peanut butter? Then do not wait any longer, try the vegan BioTechUSA Peanut Butter containing only natural ingredients. If you prefer easy-to-spread, soft creams, choose the smooth version, or if you like when the peanuts crack under your teeth, try the crunchy peanut butter. Peanut butter is a great source of protein and fiber, and you can eat it in many different ways, so it is easy to incorporate it into your diet if you want a little variety.
Who do we recommend the product BioTechUSA Peanut Butter?

For those who want quality fat intake
For those who like eating oily seeds in a variety of ways

What does a portion of BioTechUSA Peanut Butter contain?

In 1 serving (25 g):
157 kcal of energy
13 g of fat
2 g of carbohydrate
2.2 g of fiber
7 g of protein