BioTechUSA Vitamin D3 Lemon 150g

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10 mcg (400 NE) Vitamin D3 per serving
30 servings

Why is Vitamin D important?
Vitamin D plays a vital role in several physiological functions, among others contributes to:
The maintenance of normal bones and teeth and a healthy muscle function,
The normal absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus,
The normal function of the immune system.

1 serving (5 g):
10mcg (400 NE) Vitamin D3

International unit
How, when and to whom is it recommended?
Even if you have a varied diet.
For those who are looking for a daily dietary supplement.
For those who prefer powder drinks to tablets or capsules.
For both the younger and older generations.

Like all BioTechUSA products, Vitamin D3 consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.
Flavour: lemon
Packaging size: 150 g (30 servings)