Body Attack Caesar Dressing 320ml

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The sauce contains hardly any sugar, fat and calories. They are ideal for a low carb and low fat diet. Only 4 kcal per 100ml.

Whether it's a tasty vegetable or meat skewer during grilling season or directly on the flatbread with feta and gyros - Body Attack's Kebab Sauce will give your meal a spicy aroma and pep it up.

The kebab sauce consists mainly of water, plant fibers, flavors and spices, so you can almost completely do without any calories. In this way, the sauce comes out completely without sugar and fat, so it is the perfect companion for any type of diet or other special diet. Among other things also for vegan nutrition, since only purely vegetable ingredients were used.

  • Barbecue and spicy sauces
  • Low Carb & Low Fat
  • Very low sugar and fat content
  • Suitable for vegans

Nutritional information per 100ml:
Calorific value: 4 kcal / 16 kJ 
Fat: <0,1g 
- Saturated fatty acids: <0,1g 
Carbohydrates: 0,1g 
- of which sugar: <0,1g 
Protein: <0,1g 
Dietary fiber: <0,5g 
Salt: 1,0g 


 Water, plant fiber (bamboo), alcohol vinegar, flavoring, salt, stabilizer (xanthan gum), spices, acidulant (citric acid), preservative (sodium benzoate), coloring agent (titanium dioxide), sweetener (sucralose).

Low-calorie sauce with sweetener and kebab flavor.