Body Attack Protein Pancake Mix 300g

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The Body Attack Pancake is an instant mix for a quick and easy preparation of a low-sugar pancake. Ideally suitable for connoisseurs, who pay attention to a figure-conscious and high-protein diet and do not have time or interest to spend hours in the kitchen. The dietary proteins that are contained in the Body Attack Pancake can help build and maintain muscle mass.

The mixture of the Body Attack Pancake consists of wheat flour combined with whey protein, milk proteins and egg white, as a result of which optimum nutritional value is achieved. This means, the pancake mixture of Body Attack provides a protein content of up to 36 g per 100 g. The added sweetener reduces the sugar content significantly (< 5 g/100 g pancake instant mix).

Thus, the low-sugar recipe supports a low-carb diet and is especially suitable at the beginning or during a diet phase where desserts are actually banned from the diet. Since the cravings for it still remain and to counteract the YOYO effect, the Body Attack Pancake is recommended as sweet, low-sugar alternative.