Body Attack Snack A Whey

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The Body Attack Snack a Whey Protein Wafers are deliciously crispy wafers with a creamy chocolate filling which besides also contain an extra serving of protein - for enjoyment without regrets. Each Snack a Whey Wafer consists of two crunchy wafers with a creamy chocolate filling. The filling contains high-quality milk and whey protein isolate and supplies the body with an incredible 24 g of high-quality protein per serving. This is comparable to a protein shake or a juicy steak. While you enjoy the wafer, your body is supplied with all important amino acids, supporting muscle growth and preventing the loss of muscle mass.

Compared to conventional wafers, Snack a Whey contains only 12.5 g carbohydrates and only 0.3 g sugar per serving. This means that this product has a lower impact on the blood sugar level, which in turn significantly reduces the risk of uncontrollable cravings. It is the ideal snack for on the go or after workouts. In particular athletes during the diet or definition phase can benefit from a Whey Protein Wafer.


  • For all those watching their weight
  • For all health-conscious people, who want to cut down on their intake of refined sugar
  • For endurance athletes, who like to enjoy a light snack before a workout
  • For all athletes, who want to promote the growth of their muscles
  • For all those, who are currently on a diet