Boro Plus Healthy Skin Care Cream (No Added Fragrance) - Out of Date

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With Antibacterial & Antifungal Effect

Highly effective natural spots medicineBoro plus – the universal cosmetic intended for care of problem and healthy skin. Medicine consists only of the natural antibacterial vegetable ingredients having the mass of medicinal and cosmetic properties. Thanks to the expressed antiseptic properties of Boro's cream plus liquidates the reason of inflammations, promotes deep clarification and restoration of an integument. o plus promotes bystry elimination of acne rashes and healing of ulcers. Besides, having surprising properties to destroy bacteria from skin depth, Bor

Boro plus eliminates an acne, abscesses, eels, improves exchange processes in skin, regulates secretion of sebaceous glands. Also Boro's cream plus is suitable for daily application as the preventive and clearing means. It is effective at removal of irritations on skin after shaving, prevents emergence of cracks on lips, protects from an obvetrivaniye. Cream is shown also for children who had irritations on skin or nap rash.