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Product Description
BULK POWDERS Ultra Fine Scottish Oats are a premium source of quality carbohydrates. They have been ground to a very fine powder, making them a perfect and convenient addition to any protein shake. Normal oats often lose a lot of their nutrients and goodness when they are ground, however this is not the case with BULK POWDERS's oats. Packing an impressive 10% protein, high in fibre, and with no added salt or sugar, these oats are perfect for anyone leading a healthy and active lifestyle. 1 x Pouch
Product Features
  • Premium, high-quality Scottish Oats from a leading sports nutrition brand
  • 100% natural with no added ingredients
  • A premium source of carbohydrates that is high in fibre, low in sugar and contains over 10% protein
  • Typically consumed at breakfast, but also a great addition to shakes, smoothies and baking
  • Available in a range of sizes