Chemical Warfare Eradicate AM Day Time Weight Management 300g

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Chemical warfare brings you the ultimate day time weight management formula comprised of clinically dosed ingredients designed to help you achieve your desired goal in an easy to mix, great tasting drink. 

Is this product using premium ingredients?

AM ERADICATE is comprised from only the best ingredients with a carefully designed ratio of thermogenics and mild stimulants, without the crash that caffeine causes. Each ingredient from Acetly L Carnitine to green tea and dandelion root, will all play a crucial role in getting the results you desire. No only that but we have used key studied patented ingredients to give this product the edge you require when results matter. 


What is Teacrine®?

Like caffeine, Teacrine® stimulates the central nervous system at higher doses and decreases central nervous system activity at lower doses. But unlike caffeine, Teacrine®does not seem to affect blood pressure. Teacrine® might also lessen liver damage caused by stress and reduce pain and swelling.

What is Bioperine®?

BioPerine® is a patented clinically studied ingredient derived from Piperine (Black Pepper Extract), which assists in nutrient absorption by modulating metabolising enzymes, which may also assist in weight management.

What is Paradoxine®?

Our Scientists understand the relationship between Brown Fat and White Fat which are both produced by the human body. Brown Fat (BAT) has the ability to use White Fat (WAT) as fuel and can regulate overall body fat content by using WAT to produce energy, thus reducing fat levels in the body. With this in mind, the basis of AM ERADICATE is Paradoxine® a specifically derived extract of the plant ‘Grains of Paradise’. It is a natural plant extract that works in synergy with our own body chemistry to aid fat loss.