Chemical Warfare Eradicate Fat Burner 450g

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Chemical Warfare introduces the revolutionary “ ERADICATE ” designed to maximise your body chemistry’s ability to enhance thermogenesis leading to safe, natural fat loss.

Our scientific experts understand the relationship between Brown Fat and White Fat which are both produced by the Human Body. Brown Fat (BAT) has the ability tio use White Fat (WAT) as fuel and can regulate overall body fat content by using WAT to produce energy thus reducing fat levels in the body.

The basis of our PM Eradicate is Paradoxine, a specially derived extract of the plant “Grains of Paradise”. It is a natural plant extract that works in synergy with our own body chemistry to aid fat loss. A stimulant free formula PM Eradicate continues to work whilst you recover, repair and energise throughout your sleep cycle.


Chemical Warfare Eradicate