Chemical Warfare Nitro Pump 300g

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NITROPUMP is the most advanced Nitrate-based formulation in the World today. Engineered by our experts specifically to ensure that our warriors completely conquer their chosen battlefield and leave unscathed ready to enter the next battle (workout) as quickly as possible.

Intense physical exercise causes oxidative stress leading to the production of damaging free radicals. Human muscle cells require increased amounts of nutrients and oxygen during the workout phase. If inadequate free radical production increases significantly, waste accumulates which limits the duration, intensity and ultimately the effectiveness of the workout.

NITROPUMP is based on a core plant-based ingredient called Nitrwhichet which is highly purified extract of Garden Rocket. This acts in synergy with Peak O2 and Astragin to cause prolonged vascilation of blood vessels leading to a “never seen before pump” as large volumes of nutrient rich blood is delivered to the muscles. The result is you train, longer, harder and minimize free radical damage.


Chemical Warfare Nitro Pump