Chemical Warfare Trident Hardcore Muscle Builder 120 Caps

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What is TRIDENT?  

Chemical warfare brings you the highly publicised ground-breaking potent natural extreme muscle builder to hit the market TRIDENT. No cost has been spared with this product with maximal dosages used for both of these highly rated & researched ingredients. The result is optimal performance and muscle mass growth. 

What are the two superb ingredients that combine to make TRIDENT?

Phosphatidic Acid is one of the few natural muscle builders with solid human research showing its muscle building ability. Multiple studies are available on this ingredient using 750mg which is the serving size we have included in this potent product! 

A huge 250mg is included of Beta-ecdysterone a supplement contains a Cyanotis vaga extract standardised to 95% beta-ecdysterone. It improves stamina, speed and recovery in trained athletes. It has shown to increase protein synthesis by 20% & increases muscle mass and the ratio of lean muscle to fat.