Coca-Cola Energy Drink 12 x 250ml

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The only energy drink with a great Coca-Cola taste! With caffeine from naturally-derived sources, guarana extracts and B vitamins, plus it is completely taurine-free.

  • Serve ice cold for maximum refreshment.
  • Keep one cold in the fridge. 
  • Contains 12 individual 250ml cans.
  • Contains caffeine from natural sources.
  • High Caffeine - Guarana - B Vitamins.
  • No taurine.
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free.
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Vitamin B6 contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
  • Consume as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Please recycle.

* High caffeine content. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breast-feeding women, or people sensitive to caffeine (32 mg / 100ml). Consume moderately.

We support the responsible sale of energy drinks - we do not market, sample nor promote energy drinks to under-16s. This product is age restricted to 16 years or over.