Cooper Street Granola Cookie Bake 28g - Out of Date

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With 100% natural whole grain oats, sweetened cranberries, honey and a hint of cinnamon, this soft and chewy recipe is a new twist on an American favourite. Add in savoury roasted pumpkin seeds and these oatmeal cranberry granola bakes make the quintessential anytime snack for today’s health-conscious consumer. It will change the way you think about granola.

  • Made using only all-natural ingredients
  • A proprietary baking process and a blend of ingredients allow these cookies to stay fresh for a long time
  • WARNING: These cookies are extremely delicious and guilt-free.
  • Made in a dedicated peanut & tree nut-free facility
  • Dairy & Soy-free
  • Trans Fat-free
  • Free of anything artificial
  • 110 calories per cookie
Imported from the USA.