EVLution Nutrition Orchard Apple Stacked Greens 162g

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Start your day with the smooth, best tasting Organic Raw Superfood from real plant ingredients with nothing artificial. STACKED GREENS Raw Superfood contains 3 different types of Organic greens that work together to support your daily health and immune system. And added natural antioxidants, electrolytes and super greens support your energy, immune system and performance goals. It’s natural detox support, with No GMOs and No Artificial Ingredients that deliciously fuels your day!

Better Organic ingredients are the foundation of STACKED GREENS with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or fillers of any kind. Our raw superfood is made from young greens, organic vegetables and whole fruits to support immunity and defend against free radicals, support energy levels and boost hydration with natural electrolytes.
Complete Organic Greens Blend
Immune System Support*
Natural Antioxidants
Organic Alkalizers
Organic Electrolytes
No Artificial Ingredients

Non-GMO Vegan