Evolite Nutrition Hydro Juice 600g

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HydroJuice by Evolite Nutrition is a powdered food supplement formulated based on a natural and synergistic combination of vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, niacin, zinc, iron, vitamin E, manganese, vitamin B6, etc.). Includes coconut water, maltodextrin, dextrose, and sucralose.

Similarly, it is a highly dissolvable, rapidly absorbed powder available in different flavors to choose from.

Features of HydroJuice from Evolite Nutrition

  • Powdered food supplement based on vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients
  • Recommended for athletes

What does Evolite Nutrition's HydroJuice provide?

HydroJuice from Evolite Nutrition comes in a container with 600 gr of powdered food supplement.

Evolite Nutrition HydroJuice (artic lemon ice flavor) contains maltodextrin, dextrose, coconut water, vitamin, C, niacin, zinc, iron, pantothenic acid, manganese, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, copper, vitamin A, folic acid , among other natural ingredients.

Recommended daily dose of HydroJuice from Evolite Nutrition

Dissolve 30 gr (1 tablespoon) in 300 ml of water and consume once a day, immediately after mixing