Fireball Labz #1 Whey #Fireball Whey 2010g

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Fireball Labz welcome a new type of Protein... Fireball Labz #1 Whey #FireballWhey 2010g, in two deliciously sinful flavours (Wrath) Vanilla Custard and (Gluttony) Double Chocolate.

These flavours are part of the new DRAGONS DEADLY SINS SERIES #1WHEY #FIREBALLWHEY from Fireball Labz.

#FIREBALLWHEY is a Whey Protein Concentrate which is whey derived from milk and is concentrated as it removed the non-protein components to provide the purest form.

#FIREBALLWHEY is also a Whey Protein Isolate blend, which is the highest quality of protein.

The combination of these both deliver 24g, only 1.4g of carbs ensure that #FIREBALLWHEY is easily digestible and supports and maintains lean muscle growth.

Fireball Labz has worked hard to deliver a great flavour and textured protein powder!