Fit4Day Protein Porridge 50g

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Do you need something warm in the morning to get going, but hardly have time?

It's very easy with the Fit4Day Protein Porridge. All you need is hot water and 5 minutes of patience and a delicious, creamy porridge is on the table in front of you. Spice it up as you please, with nuts, fresh fruit and whatever else you can think of, or bake it in the oven as a wonderfully fragrant baked oatmeal!

You can choose between the 3 delicious varieties apple-cinnamon, exotic and red fruits.

The Fit4Day Porridge is individually packed in practical sachets and so it fits in every pocket as a small snack in the office or wherever you can find hot water.

  • delicious breakfast
  • high protein content of 20%
  • Source of fiber for a good start to the day
  • quick and easy to prepare
  • also as a snack between meals
  • in a practical sachet