Flexsports Knee Wraps 198cm - Pair

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Knee Wraps (elastic)

Usage: Elastic Knee Wraps can help provide support and stability to the knee area during many activities*.

To apply: start above the knee and wrap around once, cross knee cap and proceed below the knee and wrap once more around the bottom of the knee (this should create a figure eight design). Spiral up around knee area (over lapping material) to the top of the knee until elastic is expired. Tuck in last part of elastic under spiral.

Materials: Elastic Knee Wraps by Flexsports International are made of Super Red-Line elastic which has been developed for a extremely tight fit and to be worn for short periods of time only.

Style: Super Red-Line Elastic 198cm (pair) Made in the USA

All Knee Wraps come in a wrap-n-tuck design. These Super Red-Line Knee Wraps are white with two red stripes.