Gorilla Wear Multifunctional Deoderizer Balls - Black/Red

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  • Neutralizes bad smells
  • Freshener
  • Leaves a fresh scent of linen
  • Can be used up to two months after opening

Say goodbye to bad smells in your sports bag, shoes, and more. These Multifunctional Deodorizer Balls (which come in pairs) can be used for all types of items which can leave a bad smell. What about your (fitness) shoes, boxing gloves, fitness gloves, toilet bag, or your sports bag with your boxing bandage, gloves, and towel in it...

The Multifunctional Deodorizer Balls can easily leave a fresh scent by easily twisting them. Close (twist back) to store them for later use. When opened the Multifunctional Deodorizer Balls are active up to 2 months at least. Ready to keep that fresh linen scent?

Place them in your gym bag or drawers to keep your gym clothes smelling fresh.

Odor: Fresh linen
Net weight: 2 x 2g
Ingredients: Fragrance, Dipropylene. Glycol, Tea Polyphenols, and Deodorant