Graze Punnet Sweet Chilli 3 x 31g - Out of Date

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Best before 18/10/2023

Isn't is funny how a satisfyingly loud crunch makes a snack taste better? We've reimagined what crisps can be by keeping the crunch but swapping spuds for broad beans, peas, corn and corn hoops. That winning combo gets some crisp-inspired oomph from the classic flavour of sweet chilli. It turns out a little tingle of heat balanced with fragrant sweetness is a sure way to make a snack taste better, too.

what are the benefits?

All the craving-inducing flavour of crisps, and all the crunchy goodness of beans, corn and peas. This sweet chilli favourite is only 116 kcals per portion and it's packed with fibre - winning!

great with...

It's a versatile snack, this one. Basically any time you might have crisps, switch it up with this crunch instead - it does the trick and then some. Lovely with a sandwich, soup or salad at lunch, or to munch on with an evening drink.


  • high in fibre
  • source of protein
  • packed with veg
  • only 116 kcals per portion