Grenade White Chocolate Salted Peanut Carb Killa Bar 12 x 60g

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We’re a bit (absolutely) nuts about our White Chocolate Salted Peanut protein bar.

This triple-layered high-protein treat is loaded with delicious salted peanuts, soft nougat and smooth caramel, all wrapped in a white chocolate coating. Like all our high protein bars, it's jam-packed with protein and a yummy taste, without those unwanted sugars and carbs!

With the White Chocolate Salted Peanut, you'll get 20g protein and only 2g sugar. This protein bar is a must-have addition to your protein-snacking stockpile!

  • Convenient protein snack on the go!
  • Decadent White Chocolate Layered Protein Bar
  • Contains 20g of protein and only 2g of sugar