Grind Nuts Maple Pecan Almond Butter 300g

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It doesn't have to be your birthday but it's someone's birthday out there! Haha, A sweet smooth indulgent almond butter, with vanilla and raspberry flavour. Think classic vicki sponge birthday cake with all the sprinkles! 


Almonds (93%), Sugar Sprinkles (3.3%), Vanilla Essence, Raspberry flavour


Nutritional Information 

Kcals  658 100
Fat 51.4G 7.8G
Saturated Fat 3.8G 0.6G
Monounsaturated Fat 31.5G 4.8G
Carbohydrates 15.9G 2.4G
Sugar  6.9G 1G
Fibre  6.8G  1G
Protein  29.8G 4.5G
Sodium  0.3MG 0.1MG


Allergens: Almonds

Made in a kitchen with Peanuts, Gluten, Tree Nuts 


Storage: Cool, dry cupboard. Shelf Life 12 months once open eat within 4 months