Hotel Chocolat With Love H-Box 180g - Out of Date

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Best Before - 05/22
Petite but mighty, our dessert-inspired chocolates are the ideal treats when you need to satisfy that craving for something sweet in one bite. Whether you enjoy a rich Mousse au Chocolat or an aromatic Tiramisu, sometimes a whole dessert is just a bit too much. Fortunately, our talented chocolatiers have reimagined 14 of your favourite puddings in chocolate form.

The Patisserie H-box is here to help you sample some of the most delicious tarts, cakes and biscuits without the need to bake! Each heavenly bite is packed with incredible flavour pairings, enticing aromas, and delightful textures for the most satisfying tasting experience.

For fans of a fluffy, moist cake, why not try our Carrot Cake interpretation? With a creamy walnut and hazelnut praline filling, each Carrot Cake treat has a sophisticated and moreish flavour profile reminiscent of the real thing. A casing of 40% milk chocolate and vanilla-speckled white chocolate enhances the delicate spiced notes of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect companion for your tea or coffee. Make your cuppa that bit more special with a Neapolitan Macaron. Following the traditional ice cream flavour combination of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, this layered treat has a little bit of everything.

Presented in elegant packaging inspired by the cacao pod, each artisanal chocolate is a work of art (and free from artificial colours and flavours), making the Patisserie H-box a feast for the eyes as much as the taste buds.