HR Labs Riot Act Pre Workout 150g

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Gymstop welcomes HR Labs Riot Act, which is a stim fuelled, euphoric pre-workout that is aimed at those who can tolerate ultra-concentrated and high caffeine pre-workouts.

Did you know that the name HR Labs has become synonymous with research-driven, clinically dosed supplements that work?

These contain ingredients that we know and trust, these have been backed by science and multiple studies such
a Caffeine, EnXtra and Astragin, they have also included ingredients that you may not know but CSN personally loves that they are more rooted in native, traditional use like Kanna & Kigelia Africana, both of which have a multitude of benefits which are generally anecdotal rather than being clinically substantiated.


The Key Features of this workout are, Extremely potent, Highly effective ingredients used, Lots of patented ingredients to back up the effectiveness and 30 servings.