Indie Bay Snacks Spelt Pretzel Bites 14 x 26g

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These Indie Bay Pretzel Bites are made from all natural ingredients to give you a delicious, wholesome snack. A source of Fibre and Protein. Taking the best bits of a pretzel without the nasty additives, they feature no trans fats, are GMO free, vegan friendly and come in at under 100 calories. A source of fibre and protein, these bites are a great option to reach for when you're feeling peckish but don't want to go down the route of greasy, fat laden snacks. Whether you?re enjoying these on the go, at your office desk, or as a post-workout snack. So you'll have no worry about fitting these into your healthy living goals. Crunchy, flavourful and deliciously moreish - these Indie Bay snacks will satisfy your hunger in no time! Snacks with Benefits!