Kenco Duo Salted Caramel Latte 6 x 21g - Out of Date

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Best before 08/08/2022

Kenco Duo Unsweetened Cappuccino Instant Coffee brings all the luxury of an extravagent cappuccino experience, right to your home. Packaged in a handy 2 in 1 pot, make this a staple in your coffee selection - discover how creamy froth and rich espresso and mix together to deliver an intense aroma.

Home of cofficionados since 1923, Kenco is made up of hundreds of experts passionate about the excellence of coffee. From growing and harvesting, to roasting and blending, we're dedicated to delivering coffee that not only tastes smooth, flavourful and well-balanced - but coffee that is sustainably and responsibly sourced too. Enjoy Kenco Duo Cappuccino Unsweetened - pour, swirl and savour the magic.


Skimmed Milk Powder (43%), Maltodextrin, Instant Coffee (13%), Fully Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Glucose Syrup, Modified Starch, Flavouring, Milk Protein, Anti-Caking Agent (E551), Stabilisers (E340, E452), Emulsifier (E481)