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Our Best in Class supplement for urinary tract health delivers a powerful whole cranberry fruit concentrate with Ellirose Hibiscus sabdariffa extract to support urinary health.

Cranberries, packed with healthful proanthocyanidins, support urinary tract health, especially for women. We have combined a potent cranberry fruit concentrate with a complementary hibiscus extract to provide additional health benefits. This is our Best in Class supplement for urinary tract support.
Women can benefit from the complementary nutritional support of cranberry proanthocyanidins and hibiscus polyphenols.

Optimized Cran-Max Benefits
Helps support female urinary tract health
Provides all the whole cranberry proanthocyanidins with innovative extraction process
Contains hibiscus polyphenols for additional benefits
Provides anthocyanins equal to two glasses of cranberry juice cocktail per capsule
Provides powerful protection against oxidative stress