Life Extension Quick Brain Nootropic 30 VCaps - Short Dated

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Best Before 31/5/24 

Gluten Free
    1 Daily
    Non GMO LE Certified
    Dietary Supplement

Enhanced neural processing, learning and retention.

We've all heard the term think fast. But what does that mean? Well, there are measurable processes in your brain that govern retention, recall and processing and the right nutrients can support them all.

A “nootropic” is a nutrient that helps enhance learning, cognition and mental processing speed. Our Quick Brain formula combines three clinically-studied ingredients that promote neural processing speed/fast thinking, memory and concentration: carotenoid-rich marigold extract, standardized gotu kola extract and whole-herb BaCognize bacopa extract.

An agile mind is necessary for success in work, school and everyday life. Get the competitive edge with Quick Brain Nootropic.

Quick Brain Nootropic Benefits

    Promotes sharper mental alertness and accuracy
    Supports improved learning and retention scores
    Helps encourage faster neural processing speeds
    Once-daily, gluten-free botanical formula

Gluten free Non-GMO