Mighty M.LKs Oat Based Semi Skimmed Not Milk 1L - Out of Date

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Whole Not Milk is THE replacement for full fat dairy milk.

It’s a milk substitute that’s plant-based but doesn’t compromise on taste and nutrition. It even makes the planet a little happier too.

Key benefits:

  • A delicious milky taste
  • A+ Rated Eco Impact
  • Source of protein
  • Less saturated fat & sugar
  • Fortified with calcium, vitamins B12 & D and Iodine
  • No dairy, no lactose & no nuts

Pick up a carton and make the swap to a non-dairy m.lk that bit easier. 


Water, Oats (4%), Rapeseed Oil, Pea Protein Isolate* (1.6%), Fermented Oats, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Flavourings, Stabiliser (Gellan Gum), Sea Salt, Iodine, Vitamins (B12, D)

*Peas are legumes. People with severe allergies to legumes like peanuts and soya should be cautious when introducing pea protein into their diet because of the possibility of a pea allergy.

May contain traces of soya.