Muscle Junkie Creatine Rehab 650g

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The focus on recovery is always a key element to gains

Advanced bio-engineering has led Muscle Junkie down the road of Muscle Junkie Creatine Rehab, a unique post-workout hyper-muscle cell volumisation brew, developed to support insane muscle strength and size gains, amongst all true muscle junkies.

Muscle Junkies’ sectioned lab freaks turned Monster Makers pieced together only the most proven muscle-building ingredients, designed to churn out muscle-bound specimens. The unique carbohydrate offering drives creatine and other compounds as quickly as possible into supersaturated muscle tissue cells to ignite growth factors for true mutant gains.

The two-phase creatine complex has been loaded with anti-catabolic amino acids and provide the necessary building blocks and freakish strength levels needed to be branded a true muscle junkie. Spiked with enough of these vital ingredients to ensure that your system primes itself for heightened metabolic regulation and measurable gains.

Muscle Junkie sectioned lab freaks highly recommend that Muscle Junkie Creatine Rehab be gulped down after each bar bending workout, along with gorging on Muscle Junkie Freak to prime your m-TOR pathway to fuel uncontrolled gains.