MuscleTech Amino Build 593 grams

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7g BCAAs
Loaded with the building blocks to support rapid recovery. With BCAAs as your foundation, you’ll improve recovery time after training.

4g Leucine
Shown in a research study (conducted by a leading international university) to help subjects increase their 5-rep max strength by 40%.

2.5g Betaine
Produced naturally in your body. Also found in beets and spinach. Helps you build more muscle and increase strength.

1g Taurine
An essential amino acid produced naturally in the body. Shown to enhance performance in endurance athletes.

Don’t just play the game. Change it.
For more than two decades, we’ve fueled those with the strength to not just play the game, but to change it. And with a core ingredient clinically shown to increase strength by 40%, Amino Build expands on this tradition by taking your training to the next level of performance.