Nutrex Alpha-T Premium 60 Caps

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More Testosterone, Muscle & Libido


ALPHA-T PREMIUM contains the world’s most clinically researched, testosterone-stimulating saponins from Fenugreek. These patented compounds are incredibly effective at helping to boost natural testosterone, building muscle and enhancing male libido.

The key ingredients Testofen® and KSM-66 have been CLINICALLY PROVEN to support muscle growth, strength and recovery when combined with regular intense weight training.

Furthermore, they have also been shown in clinical studies to help enhance libido, increase sexual arousal and stamina in men.

Natural, Safe & Effective
ALPHA-T PREMIUM is the best-in-class testosterone booster. Rarely has there been a natural testosterone stimulating product, where the key ingredients have been proven effective (and safe!) in multiple double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled human studies:

Clinically proven to help boost natural testosterone (free & total)
Clinically proven to support muscle development & strength
Clinically proven to help enhance libido and sexual desire
To ensure full effectiveness, ALPHA-T PREMIUM delivers the precise clinical dose of 600 mg Testofen® and 600 mg KSM-66® needed per day.

Estrogen Prevention
Rounding out this ground-breaking formula is the inclusion of DIM (Diindolylmethane). DIM serves as an aromatize inhibitor, which helps prevent the excess formation of estrogen in men. Estrogen prevention is essential to keeping natural testosterone levels healthy.