Nutrex Vitadapt 90 Tabs

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When it comes to sports supplements, people are extremely particular about what pre workout or protein powder they use to compliment their training. And it makes sense, you want the best your money can buy to enhance your athleticism and gains in the gym.

Unfortunately, these same people are perfectly fine selecting any generic multi-vitamin off the grocery store shelf and calling it a day. While this may be a simple and easy way to pick a multivitamin, it's certainly not an effective way to cover your nutritional bases.

See, the problem with most multi's on the market is that their either underdosed or use sub-standard forms of vitamins / minerals, which means your body isn't absorbing and using what the bottle claims to provide. Ultimately, this results in wasted dollars and deficient nutrient levels in your body -- hindering your performance and recovery.

It's time to stop throwing money down the drain with ineffective multis and start investing in a real multivitamin. One that provides you, the hard-working athlete, with everything you need to support and increase performance, recovery, and muscle growth.

Nutrex Research has developed the ultimate catch-all multivitamin / mineral supplement in VITADAPT!

It’s no secret, if you’re training with intensity on a regular basis, you’re burning through essential vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. Copious amounts of these essential nutrients are lost via sweat, excreted through the urine, and used by the body for energy production, recovery, and normal day-to-day functioning.

If you’re diet isn’t dialed in 100% and you’re not supplementing, you’re on the fast track to developing nutrient deficiencies in one or more of the crucial nutrients needed for optimal performance, such as Magnesium,Calcium, or the B Vitamins. Therefore, it’s crucial for active men and women to include a premium quality multivitamin/mineral as part of their daily supplement regimen -- one that provides optimal doses of all the essential vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable form.