Oatein Hype Protein Bar 12 x 60g

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Hype Low Sugar Protein Bar

If we were a hip brand we’d describe the HYPE Bar as ‘guilt-free’, a ‘premium protein bar’ or we’d say it was going to ‘Raise The Bar’. 

While we might not be the coolest brand in the world, we're pretty certain we know how to make the best protein bar in the world. 

The HYPE bar is made to smash every snack hankering you’ve got. This quad-layer oat-stravaganza delivers 18g of Protein, less than 2g of Sugar and comes in at UNDER 200 calories per bar. 


The Important Bits

  • 18g of Protein
  • Less than 2g of Sugar
  • Under 200 calories
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Incredible Texture