Olimp Nutrition Gain Bolic 6000 1kg

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1. What is Gain Bolic 6000?

Olimp Sport Nutrition, thanks to its raw materials with a high degree of purity and innovative production technology, has been setting trends on the dietary supplement market for many years. The pharmaceutical quality of the provided products, determined by innovative laboratories, is a guarantee of their real results, and, above all, a real support for each person practising sports. It is no different with Gain Bolic 6000 – a multi-ingredient mixture of the most-important active substances for spectacular muscle-mass building, as well as strengthening the effects of a balanced diet and systematic workouts! Forget about previous supplements - choose Gain Bolic 6000!

2. The composition of Gain Bolic 6000 – a guarantee of quality

Gain Bolic 6000 is primarily an appropriate dose of protein and carbohydrates, which, as is well known, are the basis of the diet of people practising sports. Protein is the main ingredient for muscle-mass building. In the case of the Olimp gainer, we are sure that the raw materials used to create this preparation have been repeatedly checked for purity and quality. This ensures that each portion of Gain Bolic 6000 provides you with the right amount of nourishing ingredients for your muscles.

As far as protein is concerned, the manufacturer decided to use three completely different protein sources.

In this case it is a combination of whey concentrate, micellar casein, and ultra-filtered egg albumin, with different absorption kinetics. On the other hand, gainers use large doses of carbohydrates. In Gain Bolic 6000 these are dextrose and maltodextrins, which, together with proteins, constitute an appropriate support for the diet during the shaping of the body, providing the necessary energy. The formula of this supplement has been additionally enriched with creatine and taurine, and each portion also makes it possible to provide an appropriate dose of the most-important amino acids.

3. How does Gain Bolic 6000 work? Take care of the real effects

The Gain Bolic 6000 protein-carbohydrate supplement is primarily a preparation aimed at supplementing the daily diet with good calories, as well as complete proteins and carbohydrates. When deciding on the gainer from Olimp you can be sure that each portion consumed is another step towards your desired muscular body shape, and will make it easier to work on your condition and allow you to achieve long-term results. Gain Bolic 6000 is a dietary supplement which provides

  • The right conditions for building muscle mass
  • A simple and convenient way to provide calories
  • An additional source of complete proteins and carbohydrates
  • Adds to your supplementation essential amino acids, creatine, and taurine

4. How do you use Gain Bolic 6000? The correct supplementation…

In order to avoid glaring mistakes in the use of dietary supplements, the best way is to rely on the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. In this way you are sure that the properties of the preparation will be used in the optimum way and will make it possible to obtain the desired effects. Olimp recommends that Gain Bolic 6000 is used in 1 to 3 portions a day, and each portion should be dissolved in 175 ml of cold water. The product should be used between meals, and on workout days, about 1 hour before and after the planned physical activity. It should be remembered that the preparation is not a substitute for a balanced diet.

5. The price of Olimp Gain Bolic 6000

The gainer from Olimp is available in 3 flavours (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla), and its price depends on the size of the packaging. The Gain Bolic supplement is available in 3 basic weights.

  • 1000 g (foil) → PLN 36
  • 3500 g (jar) → PLN 115
  • 6800 g (bag) → PLN 213