Olimp Nutrition Hi Protein Oatmeal 900 grams

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HI-PROTEIN OATMEAL - starts your daily routine!

How often do you wake up thinking "what would I like to eat this morning?"

We've found a solution to the age-old question of what makes a tasty, healthy and nutritious breakfast! Look how much time and energy you expend on preparing your oatmeal. When doing the shopping, you have to think about oat flakes, high-quality protein supplement, or dried fruits or seeds, and choosing them in different packs and quantities.

Today, HI PROTEIN OATMEAL solves all these problems! See how simple it is.

Fast preparation (3 minutes)
Just add hot water or milk
Two amazing tastes: natural and chocolate
Up to 45% protein in each serving
12 servings, each containing 32 g of protein
A formula enriched with magnesium
You can add any ingredient as a variety
HI-PROTEIN OATMEAL - a high-protein meal containing all the essential amino acids, and additional magnesium, which support the proper synthesis of proteins and the correct functioning of the muscles.

The high-quality whey-protein concentrate contained in HI-PROTEIN OATMEAL supports the growth of muscle tissue.

Ingredients:  47% Whey protein concentrate (from milk), 44% oatmeal, flavors (for all flavors excep the natural taste), freeze-dried raspberry fruit (for the taste of forest fruits), egg-white pudding (Platango ovata), corn fiber, oil with medium chain fatty acids (MCT oil), anti-caking agent - silicon dioxyde; salt, acidity regulator - sodium citrate; 0.13% magnesium oxide - magnesium, emulsifier - lecithin (from soy); sweeteners - acesulfame K, scralose. The product may contain mustard seeds and sesame seeds.

Nutritional information Per serving (70 g)
Per 100g
Energy value 1140 kJ/ 272 kcal 1628 kJ/ 389 kcal
of which saturated fatty acids
4,0 g
1,5 g
5,7 g
2,2 g
including sugars
27 g
1,4 g
38 g
2,0 g
Fiber 4,6 g 6,5 g
Protein 32 g 45 g
Salt 0,28 g 0,40 g
Magnesium 56,3 mg (15%**) 80,4 mg (21,4%**)

** RIV– Referential Intake Value.

Store in dry rooms, at room temperature, in tightly closed containers

900 g/ 2 lbs
12 servings