Olimp Nutrition Citrus Lemonade Immuno Xplode Powder 210g

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Support the proper functioning of the immune system in professional athletes1. Help to protect cells against oxygen free radicals2. Massive portions of vitamins C and D as well as of zinc present in two forms - zinc gluconate and highly absorbable, resistant to stomach acidic and non-irritating for gastrointestinal tract - Albion aminoacid chelate. The addition of glutamine, valued among high-performance athletes. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand is proud to present its new product belonging to a popular series of Xplode – Immuno Xplode Powder!

This dietary supplement was created for professional athletes. Given tough workouts, the immune systems of competitive athletes might be more vulnerable. With this in mind, the scientists of the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company in the modern Research and Development Center have created Immuno Xplode Powder, with regular supplementation of which you can primarily expect:

a simple and quick way to supplement your diet with ingredients that have a positive effect on the proper functioning of the immune system, vitamin C, D, zinc and elderberry extract
supplementing your diet with l-glutamine, which, among others, participates in glutathione formation
help in protecting cells against oxidative stress (vitamin C and zinc)
support in the proper muscles functioning (vitamin D) and in reduction of tiredness (vitamin C)
perfectly soluble powder form and excellent absorption of active ingredients
delicious taste (citrus lemoniade)
a preparation for the production of which high-quality raw materials were used, all of them tested for microbiological purity and heavy metals absence