Olimp Nutrition TCM Xplode Powder 450g

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TCM Xplode Powder by Olimp Sport Nutrition is an exceptional dietary supplement which will allow you to supplement your daily nutrition with high-quality creatine in the form of creatine malate. The formula, in the form of a perfectly dissolving powder, has been supplemented with vitamin D to support muscle function and vitamin B6 to reduce fatigue. The recommended daily dose of creatine ensures proper saturation of muscles, which allows the body to use all of the active ingredient during workouts designed to increase physical endurance1 and build muscle mass.

The formula of the dietary supplement TCM Xplode Powder was developed for adults under the supervision of experienced specialists from the Research and Development Centre of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories and is supported by numerous analyses confirming its safety. Only high-class raw materials are used in its production, having been tested for the presence of heavy metals and microbiological purity, among other things.

TCM Xplode Powder creatine, supplemented with vitamins D and B6, is a dietary supplement which will help you break through your training stagnation and allow you to achieve the desired effects while working on your lean muscle mass! See for yourself! Try TCM Xplode Powder creatine malate, thanks to which you can expect:

    simple and quick supplementation of your diet with high-quality creatine
    help in improving your physical performance during intense exercise thanks to creatine
    help in building a muscular, aesthetic silhouette by improving physical performance (creatine
    benefits to correct muscle function (vitamin D)
    help in the proper absorption/use of calcium and phosphorus (vitamin D)
    reduced tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B6)
    help in the proper functioning of the immune system (vitamins D and B6)