Olympus Lyfestyle EAA Drip 325g

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3.68 grams of Vegan Amino9®


- Amino9® is composed of all nine essential amino acids in a patented ratio clinically shown to increase muscle protein synthesis by 50% more than supplementing with BCAA’s alone.*Higher rates of muscle protein synthesis translate into increased muscle growth and enhanced recovery!*

- Vegan Amino9® includes only vegan fermented BCAA’s and EAA’s unlike most inferior competitors who use animal and human byproduct in their BCAA and EAA products.

- In true Drip Fashion, Vegan Amino9® talks the talk and walks the walk.

25mg of AstraGin®

- AstraGin® has been proven to provide improved absorption and bioavailability of amino acids and nutrients.* Talk about not only using clinical doses in EAA DRIP but increasing ingredient absorption and bioavailability too? LEVELIN’ and FLEXIN’ On Our Competition is something we do, NATURALLY.