Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy + Electrolyte 24 x 250ml

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Help take your performance to the next level with Amino Energy + Electrolyte Ready-To-Drink from Optimum Nutrition. This refreshing sugar-free drink, available in a variety of tasty flavours, will top up your amino acids and give you an added energy boost before exercise or help you rehydrate during and after training. Amino Energy + Electrolyte Ready-To-Drink is packed with 5g of amino acids and 100mg of caffeine from green tea and green coffee to increase alertness and focus.

  • Refreshing, sugar free, amino acid and energy drink

  • 5g of amino acids

  • 100mg of caffeine to increase focus and alertness

  • Green tea and green coffee extract

  • Available in several tasty flavours

  • 10 calories per serving

* Mixed case: flavours will depend on availability, minimum 2 flavours